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Tools in CAD Sketcher are either exposed as a workspacetool or as an operator. Note however that either of those use the same interaction system.

Generic Tools


Add a sketch


Delete Entity by index or based on the selection if index isn't provided


Delete constraint by type and index



Workspacetools are used to interactively create entities. You can access them from the viewport's "T"-panel. Check the tools section to get familiar with the behavior of BGS tools.

INFO: Interaction with addon geometry is only possible when one of the addon tools is active.

Workspacetool Access Keymap

Whenever one of the addon's tools is active the tool access keymap allows to quickly switch between the different tools.

Key Modifier Action
ESC - Activate Tool: Select
P - Invoke Tool: Add Point 2D
L - Invoke Tool: Add Line 2D
C - Invoke Tool: Add Circle
A - Invoke Tool: Add Arc
R - Invoke Tool: Add Rectangle
S - Invoke Tool: Add Sketch
Y - Invoke Tool: Trim

Dimensional Constraints:

Key Modifier Action
D Alt Distance
V Alt Vertical Distance
H Alt Horizontal Distance
A Alt Angle
O Alt Diameter
R Alt Radius

Geometric Constraints:

Key Modifier Action
C Shift Coincident
V Shift Vertical
H Shift Horizontal
E Shift Equal
P Shift Parallel
N Shift Perpendicular
T Shift Tangent
M Shift Midpoint
R Shift Ratio

Basic Tool Keymap

The basic tool interaction is consistent between tools.

Key Modifier Action
Tab - Jump to next tool state or property substate when in numerical edit
0-9 / (-) - Activate numeric edit
Enter / Lmb - Verify the operation
Esc / Rmb - Cancel the operation

While numeric edit is active

Key Modifier Action
Tab - Jump to next tool property substate
0-9 - Activate numeric edit
Minus(-) - Toggle between positive and negative values

Selection tools


TODO: Add selection modes

Select an entity

Either the entity specified by the index property or the hovered index if the index property is not set


Select / Deselect all entities


Invert entities selection


Select neighbour entities


Select neighbour entities


Key Modifier Action
LMB - Toggle Select
ESC - Deselect All
I Ctrl Inverse selection
E Ctrl Extend selection in chain
E Ctrl+Shift Select full chain

INFO: LMB in empty space will also deselect all.

INFO: Chain selection works with coincident constraints too


Add a point in 3d space


Add a line in 3d space


Add a point to the active sketch


Add a line to the active sketch


Add a circle to the active sketch


Add an arc to the active sketch


Add a rectangle to the active sketch


Add a workplane


Add a statically placed workplane, orientation and location is copied from selected mesh face


Trim segment to its closest intersections