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Addon installation

  • Download the ZIP archive from github (do not unpack it after downloading)
  • Open Blender and go to: Edit > Preferences > Add-ons > Press "Install..." button
  • Browse to the location of the ZIP and select it, then press "Install Add-on"
  • Enable the addon by pressing the checkbox

You can get the latest state of the addon and easily update it with git

  • Get Git
  • In blender, set the scripts-path under Preferences->File Paths->Data->Scripts (e.g. ~/blender_scripts)
  • Open your scripts_folder

    cd ~/blender_scripts
  • Create an addons folder

    mkdir addons
    cd addons

  • Clone the addon repository
    git clone
  • Blender will now automatically load addons from that path

Dependency installation

CAD Sketcher heavily depends on the solvespace python module and won't be functional without it.

Inside the addon's preferences check the "Solver Module" tab to see if the module is already available, otherwise follow one of the guides below.

⚠️ Supported Blender Installation: Blender can be installed through package managers, installing external python packages with such installations might not be possible.

It's recommended to use the addon with Blender installed from the official website.

  • Press "Install from PyPi"
  • Wait for the process to finish
  • Download the appropriate *.whl file here (make sure the python version matches the one from your blender installation)
  • Choose the file in the filepath selector
  • Press "Install from local File"

Installation fails

There are multiple reasons why the installation might fail. Try the following:

  • If you're on windows start blender as administrator when installing the dependency
  • If you've installed blender through a package manager try again with a version from
  • Check the application's output in the system console for any warnings or hints to find out why it's failing
  • Ask for help


  • Simply redo the installation steps with the latest addon version
  • Delete the old version from the addons list under Edit > Preferences > Add-ons

If you've cloned the addon with git you can easily update it:

  • Open the addon folder in a terminal
  • Pull the changes
    git pull