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Report a Bug

Whenever encountering a bug follow these steps:

  • Check if the bug is already reported on github
  • Try to reliably reproduce the bug and simplify the steps to reproduce
  • Collect the addon logs
  • In case of a crash also collect blender's crash report
  • Post the bug on github

Console Output

Blender doesn't print system output in its info editor but only in the system terminal. Follow the guide below to access blender's system console.

To see the system output blender has to be started from the terminal

  • Open a console by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T
  • Enter "blender" or the path to a specific blender version
  • In blender click Window->Toggle System Console

Console Output VScode dependency

CAD sketcher for debugging purposes depends on the library debugpy when debugging is done through VSCode. Installing this library with $pip install will further mean that the window in VSCode will need to be reloaded using command Palette > Reload window .

Access Logs

Logs are helpful for debugging. Note that there are logs from the addon as well as from blender itself.

Addon Logs

The addon logs information to the system console and to the system's temporary folder. The filepath to this folder will be printed to the console whenever the addon gets registered.

CAD_Sketcher:{INFO}: Logging into: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\CAD_Sketcher.log

Blender Crash Log

When blender crashes it writes a crash report file, see: crash report.


Help is always welcome. There are multiple ways to support the project.


Just grab the latest version, play around, provide feedback and redo!

If you've made code changes to the addon and want to test those, zip the project folder and install it through Blender Preferences > Add-ons > Install.


Documentation is generated from the source repository with MkDocs. In order to contribute either post a pull request with your changes on github or ask on discord for commit access.

Note: There are github workflows which will automatically test and build the documentation after changes are made.


If you'd like to help with development simply submit pull requests or reach out on discord, or github.

Take a look at the existing code documentation, this isn't complete yet, if you are missing some specific information feel free to ask in the discord's contribute channel.

Have a look at the open issues on github. Some of them are marked with the good first issue tag. Also take a look at the roadmap to see where the priority currently lies.

Code Style

The project uses the Black Formatter, make sure to enable it in your code editor before pushing pull requests.