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Welcome to the official documentation of CAD Sketcher

What is CAD Sketcher?

CAD Sketcher is a constraint-based sketcher addon for Blender that allows to create precise 2d shapes by defining a set of geometric constraints like tangent, distance, angle, equal and more. Sketches stay editable and support a fully non-destructive workflow.


CAD Sketcher integrates the solver of Solvespace and closely follows its design. Therefore the Solvespace Documentation is generally also relevant.

In order to have a parametric representation of a geometric system where curves are independent of resolution, BGS introduces a set of Entities.

Those Entities can be both in 2d and 3d. BGS isn't strictly limited to but mainly focuses on 2d entities. In order to group a set of 2d entities we use Sketches.

The final position and dimensions of a drawn shape is defined by Constraints.

In order to have entities follow the defined constraints, a Solver is needed.

To further process the resulting geometry BGS uses Converters to get native Blender geometry types which then allow further modifications with native tools.